ViperĀ® Saw Blades for Stone and Tile

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Viper Turbo Diamond Saw Blade

Viper Turbo Diamond Saw Blade

Turbo Blades are ideal for fast cutting and with little chipping. Turbo blades can be used wet or dry, making them versatile for use on the job site or in the shop.

Turbo blades have different cutting characteristics determined by diamond quality, segment height and segment spacing.

Viper Turbo Blades deliver performance, durability, and cutting speed.

The Viper name always offers terrific value, providing the most “bang for your buck” on the market today.

Viper Turbo Blades for Granite and Marble are our best selling blades and for a good reason!  The combination of performance and price is unbeatable, because they are  fast cutting, have a long life, and are chip-free. These Turbo Blades can be used wet or dry cutting.

Now Viper Turbo Blades, the stone industry favorite, come in more sizes to fit your needs, additional sizes include: 6", 8", 10", & 12". 

  • Aggressively sized and shaped segments

  • Smooth, chip-free cutting

  • Dry or wet use

  • Wide variety of sizes allow for use on grinder, circular, tile & chop saws

  • Cooling holes extend life by cooling blade core

  • Quad hole allow for inside corner cut & clean up & notching on sizes 4” - 6”

  • 10” & 12” can be used with chop saw to cut backsplash dry or wet

  • Ideal for straight cuts on granite, marble & other natural & engineered stone

Viper Elite® Turbo Diamond Saw Blades

Viper Elite Turbo Diamond Saw Blades

The Viper Elite logo identifies top of line products that Braxton-Bragg offers!

Viper Elite Turbo Blades deliver a great cut because of diamond quality & concentration, segment size and spacing between segments, a bond that holds diamonds in place to extend life, and will release exhausted diamonds to keep cutting fast and smooth.

The 4-1/2" and 5" Viper Elite Turbo Blades come with quad holes that allow it to be used with a flush cut adapter. Using this adapter allow the blade to be used in tight corners such as sink cut outs and to notch for electric outlets. Sculptors love this design that enables them to do intricate cutting and shaping.

Choose Viper Elite® when you want the very best cutting tool for your stone.

  • Closely spaced segments provide clean, chip-free cutting

  • High diamond concentration & quality for extended life

  • Bond designed to release diamonds when exhausted to provide the best cutting

  • Dry or wet cutting

  • Cooling holes extend life by cooling blade core

  • Quad holes on sizes 4-½” & 5” allow for cleaning sink corners & notching

  • Ideal for straight cuts on granite, marble & other natural & engineered stone

Viper Diamond Contour Saw Blades

Viper Diamond Contour Saw Blades

Viper Contour Blades delivers performance, durability and consistent quality.

Viper Contour Blades are designed to be aggressive and fast cutting because of the large segments and coarse diamonds.   

Viper offers terrific value, providing the most “bang for your buck” on the market today.

What purpose do the dropped diamond segments have on the blade? Notice that the segments of the Viper® Contour Blades are thicker than the blade core; the drop-down segments protect the core from wearing, keeping the segment wield protected from premature wear. This drop-down segment design has an added benefit of reducing binding and kickback.   

For the easiest and safest way to make curved cuts try the Skilsaw Wet Stone Cutter and Contour Blade Adapter.

  • For Use on Grinder or Skilsaw

  • This dry-cutting blade may be used wet.

  • Cuts as well as grinds stone: perfect for sink cuts

  • Leaves a cleaner, more smooth-edged cut than a standard straight-profile blade

  • Greatly improves production of undermount as well as drop-in sinks

  • Wet cutting is recommended to achieve the smoothest cut

  • Available in these sizes:

    • 4-1/2" x 7/8"-5/8", 20mm Arbor, 13,300 RPM Max

    • 5" x 7/8"-5/8", 20mm Arbor, 12,000 RPM Max

    • 6" x 7/8"-5/8", 20mm Arbor, 10,000 RPM Max

Viper Golf Diamond Blade for Tile

Viper Golf Diamond Blade for Tile

  • Wet cutting for tile, stone and porcelain

  • Professional grade blades retain their cutting edge

  • Fast, free cutting and economical

  • Available in these sizes:

    • 4-1/2", 13,300 RPM max

    • 5", 2,200 RPM max

    • 7", 8,400 RPM max

    • 8", 7,400 RPM max

    • 10", 5,900 RPM max

Viper Edge Profile Wheels for Tile

Viper Edge Profile Wheels for Tile

Viper Edge Profile Wheels cuts and profiles porcelain tile in a single pass. 

Viper Edge Profile Wheels will shape a 3/8" bullnose edge.

  • Fast and clean operating

  • Cuts and profiles in a single pass

  • Long-lasting design

  • Used on many popular tub saws

  • Will shape a 3/8" bullnose edge

  • Available in 6" x 3/8" 

Viper Array Bridge Saw Blades

Viper Array Bridge Saw Blades

Viper Array Silent Core Blades are designed to cut granite and other hard stones. Viper® Array blades will cut granite smoothly and with minimal chipping and provide a consistent cut. Having a smooth starting point after your material is taken from the bridge saw means less steps to achieve your goal. 

Cutting Edge Array Technology mean that the diamonds used on the Viper Array blade are evenly space to provide the same quality cut from the 1st use of the blade to the last use. 

Cutting Edge Array Technology

The cutting speed of this Viper blade is equal to any blade on the market. Braxton-Bragg guarantees 100% that this blade will meet all of your cutting expectations. This new blade sets the standard for diamond bridge saw blades. Using the newest technology, these blades cut even the hardest stone without causing your saw to draw increased amps.

  • Array layered diamond technology

  • 20mm tall segments

  • For use on 10 horsepower and larger saws

  • Evenly spaced quality diamonds produce a smooth chip-free cut

  • Wet use only

  • Ideal for granite, hard marbles and engineered stone

Quad Adapter for Diamond Saw Blades

Quad Adapter for Diamond Saw Blades

Quad Adapters can be used with hand held grinders for many cutting applications. Use on turbo blades with four holes designed to fit the adapter.

  • 5/8-11 Thread

  • Skilsaw adapter also available